How to Use Pinterest to Build Web Traffic

Why Should Your Business Be on Pinterest?

Pinterest is growing in leaps and bounds. It has almost 1.5 million unique users and the average user spends approximately 15 minutes daily on the site, according to experts. It is an excellent way to drive web traffic to your website or blog.

What is Pinterest Exactly?

It's a new social networking website that lets you create your own online boards for your favorite topics. You can add videos and photos to your boards by pinning them up. It's sort of like a virtual version of a collage board where you post your favorite images and announcements. The only difference is that you’re sharing your brand with millions of users.

Pinterest Marketing Tips to Drive Web Traffic

Here are a few Pinterest marketing tips to help attract more visitors to your website:

  • For maximum exposure, use your product/business name as your username. Feature your product/business name on your profile as well.
  • Fill out the "About" section on the profile page. Add an interesting paragraph explaining who you are and your interests.
  • Add your website address to your profile.
  • Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This can help you gain more followers and Facebook "likes".
  • Invent creative board names. Whenever you pin up something interesting, this will encourage people to share it with their friends. Make sure your titles are short and catchy.
  • Take the time to like other users' pins when discovering content that you find interesting. You should also get in the habit of commenting on other people's pins. This will also increase your exposure.
  • Use your Pinterest RSS feed and advertise it on your other social media sites like Facebook. 
  • Pin your most interesting videos. Currently, there are more images on Pinterest than videos. This will separate you from other users.
  • Add a Pinterest "Follow Me" button to your blog or website to show that you're a Pinterest user. A New York web design team like NYC Web Design can imbed a follow me button on your website for you.
  • Last but not least, make sure you optimize your personal website for Pinterest. For example, make sure you include captivating photos with every blog post you create. That way, it can be easily shared. Remember, Pinterest is all visual.

If you’re looking for a New York web design team to help improve your web presence contact us or call us.

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