Important Elements of an Android App Strategy

There are important elements of an Android App Strategy. The Android market were produced to enable developers in the discovery of various applications.  However, as application inventory continues to boost at an incredible pace, they are not able to aid all of the apps in a similar way they did when tablet and mobile apps initially launched in 2008.

One way that Android app developers can improve the discovery of their application is via optimization of the product page within the application store. This is referred to as App Store Optimization or ASO. The objective of the ASO is to advance the chief product page elements to amplify search discovery, boost chances of getting first preference in a list view, and improve the marketability of the product page to convert to download or for a purchase.  

ASO encompasses elements of the product page of the application, which is your name, an icon, screenshots, category and the product description and keywords to describe and sell your customized application.

In principle, App Store Optimization ensures that the elements of your product page are persuasive, clear and creative.

You need to look to your competitors, users and utilize the use of some chief key application tools to perform App Store Optimization.

The important elements of an Android App Strategy are the following:

  • Boost search results and instant application comprehension within application store lists with an optimized name.
  • You can take full advantage of application ranking opportunities via category and sub-category proposals.
  • Enhance brand recall and rapid application comprehension and build up conversion with suggestions of icon and screenshots.
  • Increase marketability and augment search discovery with a product description focused on search engine optimization (SEO). 

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