Important Web Design Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Live By

According to the Morpheus Marketing Blog, the right way to start with designing or developing your small business website is to start with the word, DUNCE, which spells out the five components – Design, Usability, Navigation, Content and Engagement – which are necessary for a solid website design that will ensure that your messages get to the right people. 
Design – A website’s color tells you a lot about a company. Bright pinks and reds indicate young and energetic whereas darker hues such as deep maroon and racing green mean an older and more serious nature. Then there is the unnecessary clutter which indicates a young person or an over-zealous business owner who makes his website look like a bazaar; which it is, only don’t tell the owner.
Usability – Use the customer’s language when you talk about how to navigate through the site. You know all the jargon; the client does not. Think of the customer who has no online experience and goes on for the first time. It is a maze out there. What would your first questions be? It’s no use you have a killer website design and get people to your site, and they have difficulty using it.
Navigation – Put the most requested and desired topics first. Put them across the top and down the left. A web page eye-tracking study showed that a visitor’s eye moves across the top and then down the left side. You want to take every opportunity to keep the customer browsing through your site.
Content – Did you know that the decision whether to remain on a site or move on is made in less than five seconds? Have interesting text. Lure the buyer in and then keep the buyer on the site. Be brief and to the point; it is more constructive. Someone who goes on too long about a product is trying too hard to impress.
Engagement – Getting visitors to your website is certainly the most difficult task of this whole process. You have to nudge the buyer to interact. You have to have the call to action on every page. Include polls and surveys and ‘contact us’ for those who are in need of a sales person. Forums and discussion groups are also beneficial. 
It is the small things that count and make for great website design. You have gone through a lot of trouble for a small business website design. Update your site regularly to keep your customers coming back.
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