iOS and Android Development - What is the Difference?

If you were to do a survey and ask every iOS user, that entered your website, if they would ditch his/her iPhone or iPad for an Android he/she would probably choose the option 'highly unlikely'.  The same thing would apply for an Android user. They would probably not want to live a single day in the iOS world. Knowing what your users like and dislike is important, especially when it comes to iOS and Android development.

Here are a few differences between iOS and Android Development:


iOSoffers iMessage
Android offers Google Hangouts

Voice Commands:

iOS has Siri
Android has Google Now

Video Chat:

iOS offers Facetime
Android offers Google Hangouts

Latest Releases:

iOS 7.0
Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie


iOS is available iniPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV and iPad
Android is available in Samsung, HTC, Kindle Fire, LG - including several tablets and phones.

Supported call features:

iOS - provides call-back reminder, do not disturb mode and auto-respond
Android - just hasAuto-respond


iOS - Only in NotificationCenter
Android- Yes

Source model:

iOShas closed and open source components
Android - Open source


iOS - C, C++, Objective-C
Android- C, C++, java

OS family:

Android- Linux

Open Source:

iOS-  kernel only
Android - kernel, ui, and a few standard apps

Interesting Fact:. According to statistics, iOS users tend to be slightly more affluent and younger than most Android users.

Approximately, 19 percent of iPhone users are between the age of 18-24 compared to 16 percent of Android users.

In America, 41 percent of iPhone users have an income level of $100k compared to 24 percent of Android users. This is something to consider when developing your mobile app.

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