iOS App Marketing: How to Make More Money with iPhone Apps

It wasn’t long ago that the notion of an application for a mobile device was entirely remote. However, as Smartphones have become more widespread, the business of mobile has spiraled into an industry of over a billion dollars; now we see countless products and daily consumers. Due to the nature of mobile applications, this pristine industry remains very disjointed. Only a few big players have experienced multiple successes; several of the most beloved products have been inaugurated by newcomers on a small budget.

As for iOS app marketing, we need to realize we’re not going to become wealthy overnight in the current environment. iOS Mobile app developers NY face an unparalleled amount of competition for ad dollars and downloads. There may be challenges, but there is still plenty of opportunity, as millions of dollars exchange hands daily in app stores; advertising budgets for iOS continue to increase.

Naturally, among the simplest ways to earn money from an iPhone application created is to charge every time a customer wants to download an app. Big dollars can be made on downloads of applications. It was proposed early this year that sales in applications would reach approximately $25 billion by Christmas. Apple has paid app developers over $10 billion.

We see in many application stores that listed products are either paid or at no cost. However, many applications can be downloaded for free, but require a payment for a conversion to turn off advertisements, hasten the game’s progress, or undo full features. Generally, about 5% of an audience for an application will pay for an upgrade or special features. Commercial success with the iPhone requires a vast audience, since prices charged for purchases of applications are basically under $5. 

Candy Crush is a prime sample of an application which is “free to play,” but earns money by offering players the option to purchase items within the popular game.

Tips on Making More Money with Your Mobile App  

So, how do you make more money with your mobile app? Mobile apps that make the most money are the ones that are designed for its target audience. You can invest large sums of money into your iOS app marketing campaign, but if your mobile app isn’t designed to fulfill the needs of your mobile users, it will ultimately fail.

The good news is that you can avoid this from happening by consulting with an experienceddeveloper.  At NYC Web Design, will provide you with a one-on-one consultation in order to get a thorough understanding of your vision. Then we will build a mobile app that you and your customers will be pleased with.

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