Is Flash Web Design Dead and Should You Still Build a Flash Website

Adobe changed its mind about the Flash Player for users on mobile devices. Without bells and whistles, Adobe removed the plug-in for Flash humbly admitting defeat from the Google Play Store. If truth be told, maybe Flash on Android soured from the beginning.

Most of us were overjoyed when we heard the announcement from Android about the imminent release of Flash for Android in 2010. While Nexus One was popular at the time, videos played swimmingly with a guarantee of battery impact. Sadly, this was all a mirage.  

The early release of Flash was merely a benefit for the freshness effect. The playback of the video was shoddy most of the time, and the life of the battery was relentlessly crushed. People may have made excuses, but while Nexus One was seemingly full of promise, it was merely operating on 1 GHz chip.

Needless to say, Adobe was prudent to get involved in the flourishing ecosystem of mobile devices. It ascertained correctly that the viewing of videos on smartphones was going to be huge; however, similar facets which made the Android phones attractive made it a challenge to employ Flash.

The touchscreen is the chief method to interact with a smartphone. Flash was a profoundly poor experience on touchscreen. Namely on video, flash content presupposes that you have a PC mouse cursor to hover, click and drag. On the Android phone, how is this even possible?  For example, if you attempt to drag a progress bar of a video, then you will only scroll the smartphone screen.

Flash content buttons were also too small to succeed on a capacitive touchscreen that is imprecise.  However, this was an utter failure, and there was even a disastrous push to capitalize on a video player interfaces that are touch-friendly to be employed in Flash content. Ultimately, there wasn’t enough interest to make mobile Flash a success.

So, the question still remains, should you invest in building a flash website? Flash website design is still popular. If you have a flash website or you’re thinking about having a flash website built, make sure you have a mobile version of our website.

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