Is Getting A Mobile App Developed Worth It?

Mobile Apps are in greater use than ever before. With over 6.9 billion people on our planet today, the need for mobile phones is always increasing. In fact, according to, 75% of the people in our world have a mobile phone, whether or not they are employed. With the increase in use of mobile phones, business can find added benefits that stem from the development of mobile apps. 

Some businesses resort to making a mobile website, thinking they can avoid application development. Perhaps businesses should consider the popularity of mobile apps verses having to go to a website. Businesses assume they can develop a website to look better than a mobile application, and therefore opt to put their time, energy and focus into a website, often neglecting the influence they could have by creating a mobile app.
There are several benefits to businesses that develop mobile apps. A well-designed app can provide a much better experience for the customer than a website. Because mobile apps are accessible from Smartphones; they are much more portable than mobile optimized websites. Customers can access business information and products in a minimal number of downloads and clicks. In addition, businesses that develop mobile apps can begin to integrate other strategies with the mobile app. 
For example, companies can offer mobile payment options for quick and easy access to purchasing a product or service with an app. Mobile apps can also be used for advertising and brand recognition. When mobile apps become available in the Apple marketplace, the company who creates them is recognized and their brand is made available to millions.
So is getting a mobile App developed worth it for businesses? With the current trend in mobility, mobile apps are crucial for businesses looking to keep up with the market. With portability, advertising options, easy payment alternatives and an easier to navigate experience for the customer, developing mobile apps is one strategy businesses should be using. In addition, a well branded mobile app can ensure success.
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