Is it Time for a Mobile Web Design Makeover?

Have you ever visited a website that had a great design? Then five years later, you visit the same site and it hasn’t been updated since the last time you checked-in? That’s a strong indication that is time for web design makeover.  In this post, we’re going to share with you a few hints that it may be time for a web design makeover:

  • Your website is not mobile friendly. People who visit your website from their Smartphone or other wireless device are having a difficult time maneuvering through your website.
  • Your competitor just got their website redesigned. 
  • Visitors are having usability issues. For example, it is difficult for people to navigate through your website.
  • Your website doesn't support the latest plug-ins. A well-designed website should be able to support the latest plug-ins.
  • You have a flash intro that takes too long to load. If a person is visiting your website from their wireless device, they’ll have a difficult time entering your site. This is a major usability issue that can affect your conversion ratio.
  • Your website design looks early 2000s. This is a strong hint that it’s time for a makeover.
  • A website that is user-friendly will provide you with a better traffic conversion ratio. When a website is easy to maneuver, it's easier for a person to make an informed decision. If you have an eCommerce website, make sure your check out process is smooth. You don’t want people to abandon your site because your website has usability problems.
If you feel that it’s time for a web design makeover, Contact our NYC Web Designers today. We’ll provide you with a quote and free consultation.


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