Is Responsive Design SEO Friendly?

As the daily use tablets and smartphones grows rapidly, so does the significance of websites that are mobile-friendly. If SEO is a primary component of your marketing strategy online, then having a website that is mobile-friendly is becoming crucial. Mobile sales have now surpassed the sales of desktops; usage of mobile Internet is predicted to surpass usage of the Internet on desktops by 2014. It is simply logical that mobile search will surpass laptops not too long in the future.

Being that less than 70% of users claim that they are likely to purchase from a website that is mobile-friendly, those companies which depend on SEO are prudent to start the transition process to websites that are mobile friendly, and specifically responsive web design.

The debate between whether to select a responsive website or a mobile website separately is a heated discussion topic. However, both options do have their advantages and disadvantages. Naturally, what is optimal for your business is based on many aspects, such as the website's purpose, the envisioned prospective clientele, and whether SEO is pertinent.

SEO is normally a factor; thus, responsive design is the best option for mobile usage. With less than 70 percent search market share, Google declares that responsive web design is recommended for mobile usage, and go as far as to state that responsive web design is indeed SEO friendly.

In general, responsive design websites have one URL and similar HTML, regardless of mobile device; naturally, this makes it more efficient and easier for Google to organize content, index and crawl.

This is cause for Google to favor responsive web design due to content which relies on one website and one URL; this makes it much easier for Internet users to interact with, link and share than content which relies on a mobile site that is separate.

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