Is Your Website Following the Latest Web Design & Development Trends?

Web design changes every year as many cutting-edge trends are being published day-to-day. Many see 2015 as a year when the best is yet to come in web design trends. As we look ahead, many ask what the latest web design trends for 2015 are - here are a few to begin with.

  • Most new website designs published now tend to have more in length when you have to scroll through the page. Mobile devices are becoming more popular and more routine for websites to select scrolling instead of linking as a way to show content, namely on their home pages. Users can simply scroll through a page to acquire information than it is to click constantly to find information. The trend of long scrolling isn't only spotted on homepages. Fortunately, the benefits of scrolling have multiplied, as seen in about and product pages, as well as homepages; this can be a means to display a vast array of content gracefully.
  • Having content that is amazing is extremely crucial for a website; however, having the ability to illustrate a story via content is even more advantageous. In 2015, web design will normally focus around telling a compelling story for users. When tastefully done, website design with interaction and animation can bring interest to your website, instead of the mundane clicking.
  • Over the last few years, the trend was to have background images with large headers, typically with text on top; it is normally the initial thing most visitors see when they visit a website. You will want to stand out from the rest who embrace the trend of background images with large headers. You can do the opposite by achieving this tastefully; you don't have to follow other trendy sit designs by the use of background imagery.

Slow network speed on home ISPs and mobile networks, as well as device type have forced developers and designers to pay close attention to the file and website size, how fast websites load on various speed networks, and attentive to users and their circumstances like limited data plans. The need to be faster and perform soundly with no lag time will propel decisions in web design trends on various new websites launching this year.

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