Is Your Website Touch Friendly? If Not Here Is Why It Should Be


Whether you’re a small business owner or you own a large corporation, touchscreen technology will have a major effect on how consumers make their purchases.  More people are using touch screen technology than over the past few years.  Experts predict that touchscreen technology will extend from $16 billion in 2012 to over $31 billion by the year 2018.  Currently, Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS will enable touchscreen capabilities in new PCs, notebooks and tablets. 
Having a touchscreen friendly website is essential if you want visitors to navigate through your website easily.  The following are tips on how to help improve the usability of your website.

Provide enough room for your visitors’ fingers. 

In order for your users to enjoy a Windows 8 touch experience, you have to make sure you provide enough room for users' fingers. Use no less than 11mm sq. with 2mm of padding around the area.  

Avoid placing content behind a hover.

With a regular computer, a person can use his/her mouse to hover over content by pointing without clicking. A tablet or an iPad works differently.  When a person points their finger over content, it will actually click on to the item. 

Match your browser with your website.

Arrange your browser for the default touch behaviors that correspond with your website. When someone visits your website from their touch screen device, they will want to pan and zoom. Your browser should be arranged for default touch maneuvers. For example, double-tap-zoom only when double-tap zooming is allowed.

Identify input types.

Use HTML5 forms to detect input types (when necessary). This makes a person’s touch experience easier.
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