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Exchanging links with other websites is a popular way to gain traffic to your site. The amount of links you have pointing back to your own website from others, is a sure way to increase your rank on the search results page. Many businesses have recently sprung up to accommodate the need for link building services by offering their own link exchange programs. Below we’ll talk about why the link exchange game is one you want to become a part of immediately, and how you can begin making progress.

Benefit #1 - You Can Do It Yourself

Although there are many sites like out there who offer link building services for free, you can also manage to do it yourself. First you have to find websites that target the same keywords you are. For example, if you are trying to target the keyword baseball, you should look through the results and try to contact all the top websites for baseball. Most websites have a contact section, and by sending out emails to these businesses you can form a long lasting relationship that will mutually benefit the both of you. Of course, if you’re strapped for time you can always pay for links. Be careful when doing so though because you don’t want to pay for bad links. Bad links are spam, and other content that search engines frown upon. If your website becomes known as sending out bad links, your search result rank will fall dramatically. The great thing about link building is that it significantly increases your web site ranking, and can be done with minimal costs involved.

Benefit #2 - Direct Traffic

All the links pointing back to your site are direct traffic. This is good for your website, and Google ranks websites higher that have more users directly accessing your page. It also helps to develop the name of your company, and what you’re all about. By ingraining the name of your website into people’s brains, they will be far more likely to return on their own.

Benefit #3 - Building Relationships

When you agree to exchange links with another site you’re automatically beginning to form a relationship with the owner of that business. Connections are important in any aspect of business, and the more people you know, the better. You never know what website owner may help you, and to what extent. It’s not uncommon for two businesses to advertise for each other extensively because it’s mutually beneficial to both parties. Building long, healthy relationships can only help your websites future.

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