Mobile App Design Mistakes to Avoid

Being aware of what mobile app design mistakes to avoid before you begin developing a mobile app can save you time, aggravation and money. Based on the experiences of many people who have developed mobile apps, I have condensed some pitfalls in mobile app designs that you should be made aware of, and how you can avoid them.

Four Common Mobile App Design Mistakes to Avoid

1. Poor Visual Content

I know it seems self-evident, but poor visuals are one of the biggest mobile app design mistakes to avoid. A visually unattractive mobile app can actually turn people off, and they may go somewhere else. You should carefully consider the visual message you send someone who is visiting your mobile app for the first time. Loud, obnoxious colors do not convey the message that you are people to be trusted. Colors and shading gradients can be mixed and matched to give your mobile app the right combination of a welcoming atmosphere.

2. Go with the Flow

Disjointed pages and buttons is another one of the mobile app design mistakes to avoid. One page should smoothly navigate into the next, with the same look and feel as your home page, but with slight variations in colors and tones. Locations and shapes of buttons should remain constant throughout your mobile app. Also, use what has worked for other mobile apps. If certain touch-screen gestures, tilts, and turns are what many people are used to, then do not try to reinvent the wheel.

3. Keep it Simple

Too much information that hardly anybody reads are mobile app design mistakes to avoid. Keep explanations short, and get to the point immediately. Time is a valuable commodity to people using mobile devices, and you do not want to be the one slowing them down. If you do, they will click out of your mobile app in a heartbeat.

4. It is Not a Desktop Computer

One of the big mobile app design mistakes to avoid is developing your mobile app design the same way you designed your web page. They are not the same. Keep in mind not only the size of the mobile device, but also its purpose. It is fast, immediate, condensed version of what we are used to with our personal or work computers. Design your mobile app with this principle in mind and you can successfully keep pace with our fast-paced mobile society.

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