Mobile Design or Desktop - Where Do You Begin?

Should you design your website for desktop first and mobile second? You should design your mobile website first, then your desktop website. As mentioned in a previous post, more and more people are utilizing their Smartphones and tablets to search the web than ever before. It's all about convenience. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you design for mobile users first.

During the month of April, PC sales have dropped because consumers were embracing portable devices. According to IDC (market researcher), 2013 is considered the PCs worst year in sales (so far). During the first quarter of 2013, sales dropped 14 percent to around 76.3 million units. So, designing for ‘mobile’ first is a wise option. The key is to focus on your users’ experience. If your website only caters to PC users, you’re at a disadvantage.

You Only Have a Few Seconds

Remember, you only have a few seconds to appeal to your visitors once they land on your webpage. If they are having trouble viewing your website from their small mobile screen or tablet, they will click out of your website and possibly never return.

Does Your Website Cater to Mobile Users?

If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to this question, it’s time to consult with a mobile web developer in NY.  A web developer with experience in mobile web development will analyze your website and make it ‘mobile ready’.

Your desktop website may have a captivating design and the best content to offer your visitors, but if your website is not mobile ready, you will lose business.

The good news is that mobile web development is within reach. At NYC Web Design, we build mobile websites that are captivating and mobile-friendly.

Mobile Web Developer in NY

If you need a mobile web developer in NY, contact us or call us today at: 718.984.0500 for a free quote and consultation

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