Mobile Development Predictions for 2014

We have reviewed the events in the mobile market during 2013, and now we are focused on forecast trends for 2014. Many people have made predictions of what is expected to be popular this year. Here are some mobile development predictions to consider.

Increased Mobile Advertising Opportunities

Due to the boost of penetration in smartphone devices, mobile advertising and its procedures are in the forefront. LTE subscribers are expected to increase in number this year and with enhancements in connection speeds, new formats will become open for advertisers. This will basically have an effect on mobile video, presently limited by data limits and connection speeds.

Mobile App Development in the Forefront

Approximately 1.4 billion users across the globe, which is more than half of online users, utilize a mobile device to access the Internet; by 2017, practically 2/3 of the world’s population will use mobile devices to access the Internet. Website owners must make sure their mobile apps are developed in a way that improves a person’s user experience.

Variation of use for various devices is happening already and it will become more prevalent. PCs and laptops will be reserved for employment, Google Glass, smartphones and smart watches for allotting and sourcing information. Tablets will be used for reading the news, checking emails, and retrieving other forms of entertainment. Thus, advertisers should develop strategies dependent on mobile devices.

Enhanced Smartphone Video Ads

As Smartphone video ads take center stage, marketers and business owners are advised to make them short and sweet, for example, around 5-10 seconds. Tablet advertisements should be approximately 15 seconds, while desktop advertisements should be the traditional 30 seconds. The challenge of creating advertisements lucrative over an array of lengths is what brands anticipate.  

Replacing banners, new creative formats and MPUs, will possibly transpire throughout the year. There is an expectation of innovative vibrant media formats, completely different from standard advertisements. Videos on mobile devices are certainly expected to grow from this particular tend, which will make advertising on mobile devices atypical.

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