Must Know Google Analytics Tips for Small Business Owners

Must Know Google Analytics Tips for Small Business Owners

The whole point of Google Analytics is to allow organizations of all sizes and shapes to measure the functioning of their websites.  The information you discover from this tool can help you improve your website results and even your revenue. In this article, we’re going to share a few useful Google Analytic tips:

Look Beyond Total Pageviews

The good thing about Google Analytics is that it allows you to dig a little deeper.  You can find out how many of your visitors are actually finding your web content valuable. You can usually tell by the length of time they dwell on a particular page. If they are only remaining on your website for less than 10 seconds, that could mean one of two things. They are either leaving your page to fulfill a call-to-action (to buy, call, email, etc.) or they simply abandoned your page.

Measure Engaged Traffic

With a good analytics tool, you can measure your visitor engagement. You can tell when people are engaged with your website by the amount of time they remain on a site (60 seconds or longer). It also shares the amount of pageviews and the amount of unique visitors you receive. This is calculated by the amount of time they remain on your webpage.

Provides Web Browser Details

Unfortunately, there are many websites that do not support newer browsers, such as CSS3 and HTML5 and even some of the older browsers. Google Analytics offers a good amount of information about your web visitors, such as Flash/Java Version, Operating System, Web Browser & version number and even screen resolution.

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