Myths About Developing a WordPress Website

You may have heard that WordPress is Search Engine Optimized. However, there is no such thing as a CMS that is search engine optimized. Although WordPress is search engine friendly, manual SEO work still needs to be achieved for best results. You may decide to switch to WordPress, but that will never be enough to rank your website on the front page of Google auto-magically.

This myth continues to be widespread because vendors of CMS have made it a selling point that is unique. This is something that is announced at client meetings, and even stated on many of their websites. Not only is this highlighted on marketing materials, but they discuss this at many conferences.

Business leaders or owners with very little technical knowledge about SEO normally can't distinguish between "search engine friendly" and "search engine optimized." Although companies may invest loads of money on a new CMS because they thought it would encompass all their SEO needs, WordPress really only provides a viable starting point. You don't have to build a website by spending lots of money or time; in fact, you can weave additional elements of SEO into it easily, if you have the knowledge.

Even if you have installed a WordPress SEO Plugin, you still may require an SEO consultant. Essentially, SEO is a process that is incessant which should be interlaced into the fabric of your continuous efforts in marketing. No WordPress Plugin can encompass all SEO elements. Correctly configuring a SEO Plugin is merely the first step. Naturally, the big picture is much more intricate and sophisticated.

The specialist that worked for you should understand organic search, is aware how SEO can strengthen your marketing and prevent you from making expensive mistakes. This individual should be engaged in a relationship with you that is long-term, whether he or she is a staff member or on a monthly retainer as an agency/consultant to make sure you perform at your very best.

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