New iOS Mobile App Trends for 2014

As we’ve recently seen the advent of the new iPad, it’s no big surprise that Apple has a couple of new trends up their technology sleeves. We’ve already witnessed four various versions of the iPad since it’s inauguration in 2010. What makes the iPad so exciting is the use of the iOS mobile applications. Apple is renowned for choosing great applications to promote on its devices. 2014 will certainly be no exception. In fact, we are certain that we will have to wait for what announcement will appear on their device screens.

However, we already have an idea of their new iOS mobile app trends for 2014 as we prepare for the holiday season.

  • Too many social networks urge us to over-share our own lives, to discuss ourselves merely to allow others to see what we are doing. Those who marketed Pollenate for iOS realize that this was too pompous for their tastes. In the opposite direction, Pollenate actually entices us to post positive information about our friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. They can even return the compliments with some of their own about you to give you a warm embrace through an application.
  • You want to get in shape, but you don’t want to pay expensive costs for your own personal trainer. The application, PumpUp, can actually help you in your personal goal to get fit. This iOS app can help you accomplish your training goals with its version 2.0 update.

From the convenient customized workout plans for men and women of all ages to step-by-step professional, state-of-the-art coaching, you can include an innovative social element to a once mundane workout.  You may not be on a treadmill next to a personal trainer or your best friend, but you can encourage and motivate anybody to stay on course directly through the mobile application.

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