Now That Your App Is On Sale Whats Next?

All you have to do is sit back and wait for a myriad of people to download your new app. Unfortunately, those who truly believe this are setting themselves for complete failure.
Yes, your new iPhone app or Android app was designed by one of the best mobile app developers in New York, but this doesn't guarantee that anyone will download it, even if it's for free.
The responsibility falls on the shoulders of the one who's selling the product. You have to actually market and promote your app in order to get it in the palm of your user's hand. Here are a few easy tricks to encourage people to download your app.
  • Consider offering it as an incentive to everyone who signs up for your e-newsletter.  For example, you can offer every new subscriber an opportunity to download your app for free. This works out perfectly if you have a lot of people on your subscriber list.
  • Market your free app on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Just make sure your tweets and status updates don't come off too spammy. Let’s say that you have a new fitness app that keeps track of your calorie intake. Instead of writing the following update:

    "Download my FREE fitness APP NOW!"

    Write something more engaging like:

    'Keeping track of your calories has just gotten easier - thanks to the Fitness Counter Android app. It tracks everything you eat. Download this app for free..."

    For Twitter you'll have to shorten it up a bit, but you get the point.
  • Write a guest blog post about your app, and distribute it on high-ranking websites. Make sure that you're targeting your post to the right audience. For instance, if you're promoting a new app for techies, you're not going to want to promote your app to people who are into needlepoint tutorials.
Make sure that the webmaster places a link to the page your mobile app is on.
Make sure you inform the webmaster about embedding a link back to your website. The article should link to the page your mobile app is located. 
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