Optimization Tips for eCommerce Campaigns

Whether you have an existing eCommerce website or you recently had one built. Optimizing your website will help you get found in the search engines and even help increase sales conversions. Here are a few optimization tips for your eCommerce website.

Make Your Web Pages Unique

Often times, many ecommerce sites fall prey to having duplicate content. When a person copies and pastes their competitor's website, it can hurt SEO.  Google has penalized many websites for having duplicate content. To avoid this from happening, make sure you only post unique content on your website. In addition, make your product descriptions unique and SEO friendly. If this all sounds overwhelming, consider hiring a New York web design company like NYC Web Design to handle your SEO tasks. Our experienced SEO consultants will develop an SEO campaign.

Create Extraordinary Web Copy

Many ecommerce store owners have great images of the products they're offering but their websites lack quality content. In order to attract the search engines and convert visitors into buyers, you must have more than product descriptions on your website.  
The general rule is to have at least 250-300 words worth of keyword rich web content. Also, make sure your page titles and meta tag descriptions includes a keyword that targets your web copy. Most of all, make sure your copy has a strong call to action.

Include a Sitemap

Lastly, don't neglect having a sitemap. The overall purpose of having a sitemap is so that the search engine spiders crawl and index your website. It is imperative that you have a well-structured sitemap with links that point directly to the primary pages on your website. 
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