Outdated Web Design Trends You Should Stay Away From

When it comes to web design, it is great to follow trends. However, when trends become outdated, it can spoil your website and even cause you to lose potential business. Here are a few outdated design trends to stay far away from.

Loud Autoplay Audio

If you're going to use audio or video on your website, make sure you allow your visitors to control how it is played. There is nothing more annoying that entering a website with blaring music or a video that comes on automatically.

Too Many Ads

A website should focus on design and the content. When you have too many ads placed on a website, it will cause clutter. Use ads sparingly. Your advertisements should not crowd your page; otherwise, it will dampen your overall message.

Focusing on Desktop Design Only

It’s important you consider your mobile users as well – not just your PC users. Not everyone will visit your website from his or his/her laptop or desktop. Make sure your website is mobile friendly for those who visit your site from a tablet or a Smartphone.

Forcing Visitors to Watch a Video Intro

If you must have a video intro, make sure you provide people with the option to 'skip intro'. Otherwise, this may cause people to leave your website. Remember, not everyone will be interested in watching an intro - regardless of how short it may be.

Avoiding SEO

This is not really a design trend, but it is often neglected by many website owners. There is no point in having a well-designed website with impeccable content if no one can find you. Make sure your website is SEO-friendly.  In contrast, make sure your website is also human friendly. Your website should attract the search engines and engage your reader simultaneously.

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