Quick ECommerce Strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, you should be rolling out your e-commerce strategy very soon. If you haven’t thought about it yet don’t worry, you still have time. With some of our Black Friday quick tips found below, you can generate added revenue for your website just in time for the big day. Don’t let this occasion slip by your e-commerce business because there is more then enough willing participants looking for that one special deal.  

Quick Tip #1 - Advertise Early

Walmart, Target, and Amazon.com are all doing it. Begin advertising your Black Friday deals well before the day even arrives. This will give your potential customers the chance to think about what they’re going to buy. It also gives them sufficient time to plan for the big day. Even though you have an e-commerce store, that shouldn’t stop you! Think of it as an advantage.

Place banners across the top of your page announcing your special discounts. Whether it’s Black Friday or not, people love a good deal. Since you’re online you have the advantage of offering deals well before the day even arrives. A good strategy is to have smaller sales leading up the bigger ones on Friday. This way you gain momentum, and attract attention early. The more visitors you have coming to your website before the big day, the better!

Quick Tip #2 - Create A Black Friday and Cyber Monday Outlet Page

It’s not as hard as it sounds. All you have to do is create a new page on your website, and end the URL with Black Friday. Amazon is doing just that, and it appears to be working wonderfully. They were the number one e-commerce site being visited on Black Friday last year as a result. 

My advice would be to copy an existing page layout, and begin adding all your special deals to that specific page. The only thing you would really have to change is the header text by announcing that it is your Black Friday page. Although some people may be able to pull this off fairly quickly, for others it may take time. Don’t be dismayed! If not this year, keep it in mind for the next.

Quick Tip #3 - Shock and Awe Campaign 

Let me explain. Depending on what you sell, you should place heavy focus on 1 or 2 specific items, and discount them steeply. In some cases it may even be appropriate to take a loss on the products themselves. The reasoning behind this strategy is purely to attract attention. If you can offer a discount so ridiculous that it blows your customers mind, you will attract A LOT of sales. Let me repeat. If you can discount any product on your page to a price that won’t break your bank, DO IT!  

Every year I hear about one little e-commerce site that offers a deal so rare, people flock to it. For example, say you sell televisions. You decide that you want to sell a brand new Vizio 42 inch television for 100 dollars less then what Walmart is selling it for. Impossible? Maybe, but if you can pull it off, I guarantee the traffic to your website will explode! Even though you may be losing money on one specific product, you can then provide your business with the opportunity to sell all its other products as a result No one goes to Walmart or BestBuy without purchasing other products alongside the Black Friday ones. Use this tactic well, and you could generate significant traffic well past Christmas.

Hopefully one of the above e-commerce tips helps at least one business owner out there. Don’t become intimidated when it comes to advertising for Black Friday. Even if you own a small business, you can truly take advantage of this momentous day. Advertise, and make a name for your e-commerce website by using one of the above tactics this year. We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results you achieve.

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