SEO 101 How to Optimize Your Website to Boost Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gotten a bad rap over the past couple of years. Many business owners invested hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in questionable SEO services only to discover that it hasn’t produced positive results. Google launched several updates that decreased many website rankings. SEO is still an excellent online marketing tool – don’t let these changes discourage you. When SEO is done the right way, it can produce phenomenal results.

There may be plenty of contradictory information on the Internet or in books about the do’s and don’ts of SEO, but there are some essential steps which practically anyone can achieve to make his/her website more appealing to the search engines. This is imperative because the more appealing you appear to the search engines, the more traffic you can receive in your website. 

Prior to anyone discovering you, you need to allow the search engines to be aware of what you have to offer. Granted, there is no precise formula for search engines to rank each website, but there are some basic procedures you can achieve to notify Google that what you have to offer and why search engines should forward more traffic to you.  Naturally, the goal is always to optimize your website to boost traffic.  At NYC Web Design, we provide only white hat SEO services that will improve your presence on the web. 

However, it is not merely about attracting more traffic; you also want to attract the right traffic to your own website. If you are a small business owner looking to land your next big client, or an artist looking for his/her next big venue, then it is rather futile to attract visitors who are looking for other services. We all want more traffic on the Internet, but it is more vital to attract the right people to visit your website. Fortunately, this can be achieved by providing the search engines all the necessary information to send appropriate visitors to your website.

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