Six Advantages of Responsive Design for Small Business Owners

One cannot deny the driving force of popular mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. They are the propelling force behind the increasing demand for responsive design. In comparison to laptops and PC desktops, smartphones and tablets have smaller screens, which presents a number of challenges.

The experience is hardly satisfying when an individual views a website optimized for large screens on a smaller screen. It is beneficial for your website to have a responsive design; that way you don't have to redirect visitors to your site's mobile version.

Here are six advantages of responsive design for small business owners:

  1. When a website receives plenty of traffic from a mobile device, it can enhance the user experience and revenues by merely applying responsive design. Responsive design instantly adjusts the site's content to fit the screen size. This will typically result in satisfied customers and an enhanced user experience.
  2. With responsive design, you won't need to worry about finding a way to create a mobile friendly version of your website. This doesn't only increase sales and revenue, but you won't have to worry about redirection. CSS (Standardized Style Sheets) can enable you to create an appearance which appears and feels harmonious across devices. User experience that is consistent is renowned to enhance conversion rates.
  3. You may have multiple versions of your website, where you have to track conversions, sales funnels and your visitors. Naturally, this can consume a lot of time. Google Analytics and other analytics tools can manage responsive reporting and multiple devices. Thus, you'll only have to analyze a single condensed report. This facilitates faster monitoring.
  4. When your website has a responsive design, you don't have to spend as much time on maintaining your website. Responsive design makes it possible to serve your website across various devices; all you have to do is maintain one set of URLs. This bolsters your SEO campaigns and enhances your SERP visibility.
  5. Multiple versions of the same website will be treated as duplicate content by Google. Unfortunately, your search rankings will diminish. Responsive design jettisons the necessity to run the website's mobile version to prevent duplicate content.
  6. Easier and faster than building a mobile version of your website is applying a responsive design. Naturally, managing one website is easier than managing various websites.

Costly back-end solutions are no longer necessary to incorporate legacy systems with a business partner. Now is the time to be a visionary; you don't want to see your competitor launch a responsive website while you are still stuck in 2009. There is nothing like the present to become responsive with your web design.

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