Six On-Page Optimization Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

One of the biggest complaints among many entrepreneurs is that they aren't receiving the results they expected from SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Often times, the reason why people receive poor results is because they make common on-page optimization mistakes. Here are six on-page optimization mistakes people often make:

1. Duplicate Content

You would think that most entrepreneurs will know better than to post duplicate content on their webpages. You not only run the risk of getting your website penalized by Google, you run the risk of getting sued by your competitor. Duplicate content is a serious matter that should be avoided. The key to avoiding duplicate content is to create fresh content in your own words.

2. Stuffing Keywords in Title Tags and Descriptions

The purpose of Titles and Meta descriptions is to attract people and compel them to click onto your website. Make sure you only add 1 keyword in your title and 1 keyword in your description. Your title should be catch and your description should be relevant to what will be presented on your page.

3. Leaving Image Alt Tags Blank

Don't forget to use fill out your alt tags; otherwise, the search engines will not be able to view your images. Remember, the search engines can only view images in HTML coding.

4. Meta Title Tags and Descriptions Are Too Long

If you make your Meta titles and descriptions too long, it will be cut off. This will make your search listing appear amateurish. The search engines will only show 160 characters for a description and 65 characters for the title. Remember, the key is to compel people to 'click', and not scroll down to the next listing.

5. Ignoring Google's Latest Content Guidelines

If you are repeating the same keyword more than 3 times within your web content, that is a sign that you haven't been staying up-to-date on the latest Google guidelines. Staying abreast to the latest guidelines will help keep you from getting penalized by Google. If you are unsure whether or not you're following Google's content guidelines, here's a good place to start: Best Practices for Web Content.

Choosing Cheap SEO Services

When you choose dirt cheap SEO services to optimize your website, don't be surprised if you get what you pay for. SEO companies that provide cheap services more than likely use black hat techniques in order to get results. Choosing the wrong SEO service could cause you to get your website banned when Google catches on.

There are more optimization mistakes that people make that can be added to this list. If you need help fine tuning your SEO, contact us for a free consultation at: 718.984.0500.

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