Six Things Business Owners Need to Know About Mobile Users

More than 50% of all Americans use a smartphone device and nearly 25% of all activity online come from mobile devices. Needless to say, we are in a new age in the future of mobile marketing and technology.

Here are six things business owners need to know about mobile users:

  • The future of mobile marketing is already in motion and many businesses are still playing catch-up. Frankly, no one could've predicted this completely as the boost of mobile ownership can have an impact on all our activities online.
  • You may be using social media to engage with your prospective clientele. Thus, whether you are home, at the marketplace or at work, mobile users are becoming the most engaged members in social media.
  • Ahead of the mobile device curve, consumers realize that more than 60% of all device users had used their smartphones to help in the purchasing process w2ith many using their mobile devices for research in the store.
  • Mobile searches are location based, so you basically don't exist if you're not a mobile user. More than 40% of web searches on a mobile device have local purpose. Many people are living or visiting your area currently, as they search for a precise service or product; they hope to discover answers to their questions.
  • As mobile videos go viral, the mobile or tablet user is aware that not much activity is accomplished on these devices. Thus, watching online video is the rave for tablet and mobile users.
  • Mobile usage has redefined customer service. It is imperative to monitor your social networks for comments, complaints and questions from customers. Nearly 75% of all businesses are presently using social media to benefit from customer service.

Business owners can certainly have leverage in marketing with mobile users. They just need to do research and remain abreast to the latest news in social media and technology.

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