Social Media Marketing Tips to Help You Stand Out

Social media marketing has been growing at a phenomenal rate recently. What is the reason for this growth? Smart businesses know that every day at least 25% of U.S. web page views are happening through the top social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook. If your business is already using these sites, but not getting the traffic or conversion rates you were counting on, then here are some social media marketing tips to help you stand out.

4 Easy Steps

1. Create your brand.
An image is easier to remember than a name. Cultivate your brand by using the same image and graphics across all of your advertising, website and social media outlets. If you are just starting out and your business is very small, a carefully chosen picture of you posted on your website and social media sites will help people connect you with your company.
2. Posts using the social media should be concise.
Your posts should be short, informative and to the point. Short, frequent posts are more effective than long ones. Try one a day, less than one hundred words. You want your posts read, liked and then passed on to their friends. Making a positive connection with as many people as possible is the purpose of businesses using social media. People love stories, whether it is books, magazines or films. We are attracted to, and will listen to a good story. Tell the story of your company, one small piece at a time.
3. It is called “social” media for a reason.
Social media is interactive, with the purpose of gathering people around a common interest. It involves effectively using it as a marketing tool helps if you use it interactively.  When it comes to social media, become the go-to expert in your field. Start conversations, ask questions and do not talk “at” people.
4. Know, Like, Trust
Of the social media marketing tips to help you, I believe the most crucial is this: people must Know who you are, Like you as a person and Trust you and your company. Social media provides a unique opportunity for you to show people who you are.
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