The Apple App Store is not the Only Place to Promote an iPhone App

The Apple App Store is an excellent place to sell your new iPhone app. However, it’s not the only option out there. In this article, we’re going to share a couple of good alternatives to try:

Get a Website Built for Your App

Consider hiring a mobile app developer in NY to build a website specifically for your mobile app. If you don't want a website built for your app, consider promoting it on a landing page.

Having a landing page for your app is an effective marketing tool. It allows you to focus on a single message.

At NYC Web Design our web development team will design a custom template to display your app that’s creative and unique.

Create a Mobile Website Better Than Apple

It's not that you're competing against Apple (well you are), you just want to encourage people to download your app from your own website.

Promoting your iPhone app on Apple is good and all, but there is one little drawback. When you invite people to download your app, they can easily get distracted by other apps that fall into your category.  You won't have this dilemma with your own custom designed mobile website.

Our experienced mobile app developer in NY will create a landing page that's unique to your brand. When you promote your app in the App Store, you have to settle for Apple's brand. Not that there is anything wrong with using their brand. It just separates your brand from your competition. When people visit your website, they will notice your brand first.

Our mobile app developer in NY can also include screenshots, larger images and even embed your videos. These are enhancements that the App Store doesn't currently offer sellers.

For a free quote on our iPhone app development services, contact us.

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