The Disadvantages of Using Free Android and iPhone App Software

Today, there are many options for people who want to build his/her own mobile app. You don’t even have to have coding knowledge to build an app. All one has to do is find a free app maker online, enter your URL, and you're on your way to creating a free app. 
This may seem like a life-saver because you don’t have to worry about investing the time and money into building an app, but there are many drawbacks. 
Here are a few disadvantages of using a free Android or iPhone app software:


There is no customization with most free app builders. 

Remember, everything that you advertise online (and offline) should mirror your brand. With a professionally built mobile app, your app will be created with your brand in mind. With a free app builder, you have to settle with limited colors, graphics and functionality. 
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Better Synchronization

Custom mobile app development provides superior synchronization. In other words, it operates in unison with your website. It helps in providing updates to your real-time customers, and it helps you stay connected with potential customers.

Robust software security

With free mobile application software, security is limited. There is no guarantee that your users’ personal data will be safe from being hacked when using your app. Our mobile application development in NY offers security features and data encryption to help protect your users. 

Effective online promotion

When you have a custom mobile app developed, it will make it much easier to promote your business. It is a subtle way of promoting your business without being too salesy.
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