The Latest iOS App Performance Tips & Tricks

The truth is any first-rate iOS application is comprised of three chief facets: a smart idea, fascinating design and great performance. Fortunately, there are some simple tips and tricks on how to boost the performance of your customized iOS application. The professionals are typically obsessive over every small detail in their applications and spend a considerable amount of time hovering over the process at the close of release cycles.

As for the latest iOS app performance tips and tricks:

You can downsize your image assets. Applications with appealing visual design always please users. For graphics that are pixel perfect, every iOS application entails various image assets. It is vital for these images to be small in size. In practice, it is typical to add a button to a nib file and set its background to direct an image. As the nib file is read from a disk, iOS points to every individual object in the file, which includes the button.

Once the background of the button refers to an image, the image is read from the disk, boosts it in memory and delivers it as background. Naturally, the greater the image in size, the slower it will be to read it from disk. This all happens at the same time on the main thread; thus it will slow down the application.

If you are satisfied with an asset, it is important to remember to compress it to a smaller size always, without loss in the quality, prior to adding this to a bundle.

Needless to say, any task which doesn't have to be executed on the main thread should be pointed to a thread in the background. Grand Central Dispatch and NSOperation Queues are two ideal tools for these type of tasks. The tasks can run on the main thread, but you don't want them to interfere with touches of the user.

As you can see, these are just a handful of mobile app development tips. If you need help building your mobile app, contact our mobile app developers in NYC at: 718.984.0500.

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