The Latest Mobile Apps for Serious Entrepreneurs

It is a very rewarding experience to be an entrepreneur. However, there is a plethora of challenges that comes with the territory. It is not always easy for an entrepreneur to remain organized. Applications are an effective way to remain organized and on target for every business owner in daily business activities.

Here are the latest mobile apps for serious entrepreneurs:

  1. The application, Evernote, enables you to write and store your notes. You can even access your notes from anywhere. You can record web screenshots ("clipper" tool), pictures and audio notes. Moreover, whatever note is saved in Evernote can be shared and forwarded to the rest of your business team. Evernote is compatible with iOS, Windows Phone and Android.
  2. The application, Dropbox, is familiar on desktop platforms, but is ideal for storing your photos, documents, files and videos remotely. You also have the capability to edit documents within the application and share your files easily with clients or team members from multiple devices. Dropbox is compatible with iOS and Android.
  3. A practical communication tool, Skype, provides free instant messaging, file sharing, video and voice calls. The paid features of Skype entail mobile and landline telephone calls, text messaging and Wi-Fi access to public hotspots. Skype is a terrific, economical option which expedites collaboration and communication with business team members. Skype is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  4. PayPal is particularly of use if you have to deal with many freelancers. It is advisable for every entrepreneur to install PayPal on his/her mobile device; the entrepreneur can pay and receive money for various business transactions easily. PayPal is also a lucrative way to track business transactions for an entrepreneur with an e-commerce storefront or website to utilize the payment service. PayPal is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

There is a plethora of applications on hand to help the serious entrepreneur. These few are a viable way for one to get started. With these four applications, the serious entrepreneur will have what is necessary to remain organized and see a business develop and flourish.

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