The Latest SEO Rules - How to Avoid Getting Your Website Penalized

With the recent Google Panda update, SEO can be kind of mind-boggling. However, it is important that you are aware of the latest in SEO rules because it can have a major effect on your website’s ranking. Our SEO team put together a few tips on how to help your web content rank well.

  • Make sure you only provide useful content on your website. Avoid taking short-cuts, such as copying the content of your competitors and rephrasing or rehashing words. Duplicate content can cause your website to get penalized. Plus, it doesn’t separate your content from your competition.
  • Your web content should also be free from errors and grammar mistakes. Consider hiring a professional SEO content writer to create content or to proofread your existing content. Having poorly written content is not worth the risk of losing potential customers. As mentioned in our previous posts, avoid keyword stuffing. Google considers keyword stuffing spam. It can also make your content more difficult to read.
  • Get links from quality websites. Remember, quality is better than quantity. Generating quality links will not only improve your ranking, it can help you attract a steady stream of unique visitors to your website or blog.
  • Make sure you direct 30 percent of your links to internal pages and 70 percent to your home page.
  • Website design is very important. People are more likely to share web content from well-designed websites than from websites that lack quality design. There are two important aspects of website design: visual appeal and usability. A successful website is not only attractive; it is also interactive and easy to navigate.

If you’ve been searching for a NYC web design company that provides SEO, make sure you choose a company that is up to speed with the latest Google rules.

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