Tips on How to Get Free Google Traffic Straight to Your Website

When it comes to social media marketing, Google's social network offers one advantage over other social media platforms; it increases brand visibility on the search results of Google.

More brands are embracing the Google social network as a vital part of a SEO strategy. The strategy of Google is not to add more followers per se, but obtaining SEO benefits and enhancing brand visibility on Google.

Here are two tips to get free Google traffic straight to your website:

  • You can begin by editing information on your Google social network page to make it more attuned with indexing from Google. The "About" tab in your web page entails a Tagline (title) and Introduction (description); you also need to have 1-2 significant keywords in the title and description.
  • The social network of Google has a dual purpose by not only allowing you to promote your website via adding links to the Google+ page, but to gain full benefits by adding Google+1 buttons to the website. You can use the "Follow" and "+1" buttons in different locations to enhance followers and visits rate. The point of having a website is for your pages to see action, which can increase chances for high Google traffic.
  • Video marketing is an excellent way to drive free traffic to your website. Simply create a marketing video (or client testimonial) and post it to YouTube - 1-2 times a month. There are plenty of online video creation tools you can use, such as Animoto. Make sure you fill out your profile and create 1-2 paragraphs of text about your video. Create a catchy title (add 1 primary keyword). Include at least one link to your website.

You took the time and effort to select the ideal design, fonts, background, content and more. In a perfect world, you would be able to kick back and relax as you wait for visitors to your website to discover your tour de force. However, it's going to take effort to give a boost to the traffic of your website for others to know you're open for business.

It takes diligence to rank high; it requires long-term effort which can take months. Unfortunately, it is more of a challenge to track SEO performance than to track the performance of other facets of your business. However, it is truly the lifeblood for businesses contingent upon search customers. Once you follow these tips, you are likely to see a boost improvements in your SEO strategy.

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