Tips on How to Make Your Android App Faster Smoother and More Responsive

We all want our mobile devices to operate faster; in fact, scammers count on it. There is a scam application, Android Defrag Pro, on Google Play. Although defragmentation is not necessary for Android products, many users still installed the program and gave positive feedback. Thankfully, Android is not high maintenance like Windows, but there are still tips on how to make your Android app faster, smoother and more responsive.

Android fragmentation really has to do with the amount of devices and quantity of versions, not the Android file system.

There is no rooting of your Android mobile device. If you want to load your home screens with live wallpaper and widgets, then it can really slow down your Android. This is especially true with an older device, because it will be slower. You can reduce the number of widgets you employ and may even see an increase in performance.

If you have a newer Android mobile device, then widgets may not be the problem. In fact, animated wallpaper can cause a home screen to lag and mar the battery life, although they are quite appealing.

Android does a stellar job in the process management of your mobile device. Thus, it is not necessary to utilize task killer applications. In some cases, however, an application may not operate well. This can take up plenty of CPU time and lag your system. These applications can be identified from the Task Manager by usage of high resource. Watchdog Task Manager is a first-rate application which can watch out for uncooperative applications. You should definitely uninstall any uncooperative applications.

For the number of Android mobile device users with an older version, like Gingerbread, you can have an increase in performance when you install a new browser. The built-in browser of Android can only be updated with the operating system; this means that the browser of Gingerbread has not seen an update in quite some time.

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