Tips That Will Give Your Marketing Efforts a Boost

Online marketing is different for every industry whether you’re in the construction industry or medical industry. There is one common goal of every business owner, to achieve their bottom-line. Here are a few helpful tips: 
Keep a regularly updated website and/or blog. Buy an inexpensive domain name that’s related to your product or service offerings.  To help improve SEO, try including at least one of your most popular keywords in your domain name. 
Make yourself visible. Use make sure you are using keywords within your content, Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions.  This helps Google and the other search engines bring your site to the forefront. Without SEO, it is impossible for anyone to find your website within the search engines. Consider hiring a web design company that offers SEO. 
Link your social media. If you have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube, you should tie in all networks.  Include a button or social networking badge on your website so that your followers can link to your website.  
Don’t get bogged down. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, even easier to become addicted to social media. If you have a blog, consider using a tool like SocialOomph to publicize it. It allows you to schedule your posts to various social media formats. It will also help narrow down your daily social media use by simply re-tweeting and responding to comments on your social media outlets.
Use Twitter properly. No one cares if you’re eating a pumpkin muffin at a new café; they care about how that muffin relates to your business. If you’re a baker, send a tweet with hashtags about its ingredients. Send a link to the café’s web site. Make it interactive. Go to the café’s web site and hit the “T” button to tweet it. If your business is local, hashtag your city’s name in your tweet.
There are several other tips that you can use. The tips above will give your marketing efforts a boost. 
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