Tips to Make Your Site More Mobile Friendly for Smartphone Users

Research confirms that 40% of users will desert your website if it takes to load more than three seconds. Thus, you want to be sure to design a website which loads as quickly as humanly possible. You can start by reducing file sizes to optimize loading speed. With the compressor tool, you can run your images, reduce on file size and load time for mobile users of your website in return.

You don't have to test your website over and over again on one, single device. Instead, test your device out on various devices from which your users will access it. You can test the complete website from a tablet, Android, iPhone, iPhone Plus, Windows Phone and any other device to which you have access. You can test your site by seeing what other users will see; you can even get individuals who are not familiar with your website to test the site for you.

Naturally, once the mobile website is up and running, you are far from done with the process. You want to be sure that the maintenance of your website is kept up to date. You can turn your attention to creating first-rate content for your website. Essentially, you've worked diligently to create a great website. Now, you want your users to visit and remain on the website. This is why you should give them sound reason to remain once they are there.

Consider hiring a web developer who provides a host of services including: web design, hosting and maintenance, mobile app development, and etc. There is one thing for certain, a website is never really considered complete – even after it has been launched. Finding a good web developer NY will ensure that your website is up to par long after it's been launched.

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