Top 3 Hooks to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Website

Customers may come through SEO, social media or Pay-Per-Click (PCP) advertisements, but they visit your website on a day-to-day basis. A customer may read several articles, examine the comments and exit. Thus, it is up to you to encourage your clients to return with enthusiasm.

Here are the top three hooks to keep customers coming back to your website:

  • You can create serial articles with quality, innovative content for customers to be drawn to your website. Attracting customers to the site is merely half the battle. However, you still need to offer a major hook to convert them to long-term visitors. Regular articles are a viable way to form a devoted client base who have a serious interest in your website. This can be in a text format or a webinar, a series of articles or discussions to engage and entice customers to return to your website.
  • You can keep your website fresh. You don’t want to bore readers with the same article on the front page. It can be a blog or business as customers will diminish their visits to a website that is lame until they neglect it altogether. You want to disillusion your customers with out-of-date content. You can update content on a schedule and distribute that schedule with your customer base.
  • You can engage your customers, as the website does not have to be merely about business. You can garner enthusiasm and entice sharing through engaging customers with events, prizes and giveaways. You’d want customers to offer support of your own business to promote your website to a fresh network of possible customers. You can even create polls and quizzes to conclude how your business could enhance and who belongs in your client base. You could assemble your comment section or forum to create an alliance between clients. It is all about enjoyment for you and your customers.

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