Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Install

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available for you to download. It can be confusing when it comes to deciding which plugin to install. We just made your job a little easier. Here are the top 6 WordPress plugins to install on your WordPress website or blog.

1. “Go” Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables for WP

If you’ve been looking for a more creative way of displaying your pricing tables, this plugin is a user-friendly plugin to use. It gives you the option of deciding whether to make the plugin responsive by turning it off and on. It is also customizable to your CSS framework or your website. Plus, you can use a plethora any Google or system fonts. If you need assistance on installing your WordPress plugins, contact our New York web design company.

2. Justified Image Grid Premium WordPress Gallery

With this WordPress jQuery plugin, you can arrange your thumbnail images into a responsive grid. It allows you to set up your images and photos into a visually appealing manner. This plugin comes with 9 pre-sets. You can set up animation, color overlays, fly desaturation, captions, etc.

3. WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support

One major benefit of using this plugin is that you don’t have to worry about making monthly premium payments. All you have to do is install and start chatting with your clients. One of the great features is that you can set up multiple operators. If a customer contacts you via chat after business hours, they can still contact you via email.

4.  WordPress Email Newsletter Plugin

If you’ve been looking for a more convenient way of managing your email newsletters, this newsletter plugin is worth a try. It has an abundance of features and it is also user-friendly. You can send out newsletters to your current WordPress user database within a quick time-frame.

5. Easy Digital Downloads

This is the perfect plugin to use if you plan on selling downloads on your WordPress website. It currently has a paid and free option. The paid option offers a variety of add-on features, such as adding discount codes and other features.

6. The 'Hello Bar'

With the Hello Bar, you can add a bar across the top of your website that displays your message. For example, you can add a promotion or use text that directs people to do what you want time to do. For example, if you want people to download your new e-book, you can direct them to the next step. This is a great call-to-action feature.

If you need help installing WordPress plugins to your Wordpress site, feel free to contact our New York web design company at: 718.984.0500.

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