​Top Responsive WordPress Plugins to Use for Your Business Website

Choosing the right plugins for your website is an excellent way to help provide a better experience for your visitors. Plus, it is a great way to manage your content. Here are a few of the top responsive WordPress plugins to use for your website.

Title Experiments

Title Experiments lets you to split A/B test a blog post titles to see which ones provide a higher click-through rate. After all, it's the title that persuades a person to click and read a blog article.

WP Experiments Pro allows you to go beyond testing blog titles. With the paid pro version, you can test sales copy, call-to-actions, marketing headlines and much more.

Editorial Calendar

The Editorial Calendar is great for helping you keep your blog well organized. The plug-in has a drag-and-drag posts, manage your entire blog, and edit posts directly in the calendar. Other features include publishing posts, managing drafts, drag and drop to change postdates, view all posts and when they'll be published, quick edit post titles/contents/times and much more.


Soliloquy is an SEO friendly WordPress slider that allows you to load your sliders without slowing down your website's speed. This responsive plug-in has a ton of features. Soliloquy allows you import and export your WordPress sliders so that you don't have to re-create sliders when you want to move sites. This plug-in detects all environments and allows you to develop mobile specific slider assets so you can keep the load times on your pages low - regardless of what device your visitor is viewing your site from.

Compact Archives

If you have a lot of blog content for your readers, then you know how much of a challenge it can be when it comes to monthly archives. WordPress creates a huge bulleted list of your monthly archives by default. Your readers have no other choice than to do a lot of scrolling. This responsive plug-in is a breath of fresh air - it automatically displays your monthly archives in a compact block.

Login Lockdown

Where you aware that any user can attempt to long into your website with several invalid attempts? That's what most hackers count on. Login Lockdown helps protect your WordPress site from potential hackers. This plugin automatically limits the amount of times a person can try to login. After a certain amount of attempts, it temporarily locks down the admin area.

Gravity Forms

This user-friendly contact form plugin allows you to use virtually any type of online form to your WordPress website. It has numerous add-ons, such as a web directory, online surveys, user submitted posts and much more.


This free WordPress plugin allows you to easily backup your WordPress site. You can schedule an automatic backup and even store your content backups on iCloud.

These are just a handful of plugins you can use to help make life a little easier. What's your favorite WordPress plugin? Please share.

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