Top Social Media Trends for This Spring


At one time, social media seemed like just another fad. Many people didn’t take it seriously until they started noticing their competition embracing social media.  Today, social media has become the core of the Internet world.  Small businesses and large Fortune 500 companies have embraced social media. Social media is here to stay whether we like it or not. In this post, we’re going to share three of the most popular social media trends for this season.

Social Media's Gone Mobile

According to statistics, 425 million users are using their mobile phone to log into Facebook. Approximately 55% of traffic from Twitter is from mobile phones. What does that tell you? More people are using their mobile phones instead of their PCs.  This trend is making it a lot easier for users to share and buy your products/services from their phones. However, you must have a mobile friendly website. NYC Web Designers can optimize your website and make it more user-friendly for mobile users. Click here to find out how our web designers in New York can improve your website’s usability.


Smartphone camera technology has paved the way for video and photo social networks. Tout, Viddy and Instagram makes it possible for users to connect and share their lives and experience with the world. 

Creating unique web content is vital

You not only need a great product or service to offer, your content has to be exceptional if you want to capture the attention of your target audience. In addition, you must be consistent. In other words, you must be ready, willing and able to provide people with fresh content on a regular basis. The businesses that receive the most attention are the ones that put out new content regularly.
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