Understanding Amazons Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program

Amazon’s mobile app distribution program qualifies developers to allow their apps to be available on Amazon and Kindle Fire for sale. Those who enroll in this program are able to market their apps to millions of Amazon and Kindle Fire consumers. Amazon has proven marketing features, which is why you can manage apps with self-service account management tools that are convenient. Information on Kindle Fire tablets can be acquired from the Kindle Fire Development Resources.

Our talented mobile app developers in NY can build a mobile app that Kindle Fire users will enjoy using.

Selling Your Android Apps on Amazon

Consumers can shop and discover apps on their Android mobile devices. Amazon can market apps to prove e-commerce and marketing features such as browse, search refinement, and app recommendations based on the past purchases of customers. For those who shop on the US website, Amazon provides Amazon Appstore for Android as a department where consumers can browse, search and purchase apps.

Amazon is aligning the revenue share for paid apps with in-app products sold using Amazon’s In-App Purchasing Service. As of the first of July, developers earn 70% of the list price on each app sale paid. The prior terms were different where the developers earned either the 70% sales price of app or 20% of list price (naturally whatever was greater); regardless of whether you convert the apps upfront as downstream or paid apps for In-App Purchasing Service. 

The terms of the agreement have been revised to offer more flexibility for app submissions. Developers can now control better which apps they will provide to Amazon customers, and when they will provide the apps.

Hiring Mobile App Developers in NY

Not all mobile app developers in NY are the same. In order to get good results, you need an experienced mobile design team. Visit our Mobile Application Development page for more details on our mobile design services. 

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