Web Development - How to Prevent a Slow Loading Website

The first thing that a web user notices upon entering a website is not just the website design – they also notice how fast or slow it loads on their screen. If you are experiencing a slow website, there are a few things that you can do to help speed things up. Here are a few helpful tips to follow to help speed up your slow loading website:

Does your website contain a lot of photos? If so, this could slow up the loading time. One way to decreasing the loading time is to get your photos optimized. Try using Yahoo's Smush – it is a pretty good tool to use.

Database Calls. Do you use a Content Management System (CMS)? If so, there may be a possibility that it is calling to your database an excessive amount of times. This will automatically cause your website to load slowly. If this is the case, a web developer can go through your coding and replace some of the dynamic content with static.

Javascript Errors. If your website has Javascript Errors this can slow things down.

Make sure your Facebook button or your Twitter button aren't holding up your website when their API is down.

HTML or CSS. If your code is bloated, this can cause loading problems for your site. Have a web developer investigate and see if your code needs to be pared down. It may also need to be run through a minifier.

There is no debating the issue; a slow loading website can cause you to lose potential visitors. If you're experiencing a slow loading website, it may be time to consult with a professional web developer. A web developer will fix whatever is causing your website to load slowly.

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