Web Development Checklist Pre and Post Launch

You have invested plenty of time and money in your website development project, and launch day is around the corner. Before that day arrives, you may still have vital issues which need to be rectified if you want to achieve a viable launch. You want to address these issues ASAP if you want your clients to be happy.

Before you do anything, you want to ensure the website reflects the original spec on the computer, the pixel complements the designs you displayed, and suits the original brief. 

There are steps you can take from start to finish and some maintenance tips. It is advisable to call an expert to make certain you have a lucrative website design and maintenance of your website. You can even take advantage of current trends and new features.  

As for pre-launch, make sure you look at the content and style, layout and typography, ensure there are no ungrammatical punctuation marks, namely quotation marks, apostrophes and dashes/hyphens; you should look over titles, headings, spelling and grammar.  

You should examine the website particularly the browsers and platforms. Emphasize at the start of the project what platforms you intend to build and adhere to that plan. Throughout the design, you should consider these important factors. You want to build a website to make certain the experience of users on the website is optimal. 

The following are aspects to consider for post launch:

  • The website is easy and accessible for your users.
  • With the use of the latest monitors, it is easy to see subtlety in colors. You want to test your website on various devices and laptops to ensure the design has clarity, with legible text.
  • The size of the text should allow users to read easily and clearly. You can adjust the spacing of lines to see plenty of white space. When it comes to text on the Internet, bigger is usually better.

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