Website Design and Development Checklist

A valuable way to manage website design and development is to create a planning checklist for all that is required. For everything you need to build a successful website, you can write a design and development checklist to consider and define the basics of your Internet business, what your website plans to achieve online, and who is your prospective clientele.

·      Include the most important website elements.This may be a bit obvious that you may not feel you should take it seriously. However, if you search the Internet, then you will discover plenty of websites which merely don’t seem realistic. There are ecommerce websites with no call-to-action, brochure sites which do not have contact details, and so much more. You should define your goals. That is when it becomes quite clear how you need to emphasize your website, and what chief elements should be included.


·      Know your market or target audience. As you define your goals, it can enable you to refine your understanding and characterization of the audience you want to attract with your website. In a marketing context that is vast, to know your clientele or prospective market can impact every facet of your business, from product development to your USP or unique selling point, and how you communicate with clients.


·      Know your competition.It’s important to understand who your competition is, the unique selling point, and how people convey their brand. As you do research for your own website, you need to look at the websites of the competition in detail. Naturally, it is a bad idea to copy the layout, content and design of the competition, both from the perspective of customers and the SEO. However, understanding what the competition is doing with their sites can give you an idea on how you can better meet the challenge and needs of your clients. 

Obviously, there are many other important steps in building a website. These are the top important things to focus on in order to have a thriving website.

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