What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Top Rated Mobile Apps

Before you build your first app, make sure you research and rate top rated mobile apps. This will help you determine what makes them so popular. In this post, we’re going to share the top rated mobile apps and what make them so popular.

Top rated mobile apps:

  • Awesome Note (+Todo/Calendar) is considered to be a first-rate task management applications in the Apple App Store. This app offers determined list and task-makers utilitarian tools to enable them to keep track of chores and ideas, as well as graphical customizations at your disposal. With personalized alerts, a handy calendar, repeat settings and the capability to synchronize with Google Drive and Evernote, Awesome Note is state-of-the-art all the way.
  • Dashlane is an elegant and simple password manager application for iPhone that adds auto-complete to dispense with the need to retype the same information repeatedly. You need to set one reliable password for the Dashlane account, as with any password manager. All other passwords can be created and saved instantly. The application is at no cost to download and use. However, you may have several limitations with the no-cost version.
  • EasilyDo is used to connect to social media accounts, email accounts and an array of online spaces. Then, EasilyDo asks if you want it to automate mere tasks which you may need to achieve, such as a birthday message to a friend on Twitter or add contact information to your address book of a new friend who recently sent an email.
  • Evernote is popular with countless people, but it’s not easy to express why it is a first-rate service. It may tough to explain in words the benefit of Evernote because it is a tool that is uniquely personal. Evernote is different for everybody. In summary, the Evernote, which is free, synchronizes notes of all types, like audio recorded notes, voice memos, text notes and pictures, and then can allow them to be vastly searchable.  

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