What is Next in Mobile App Technology Upcoming Trends in 2014

MIT Technology Review posted an article online that iOS and Android app stores are slowly becoming extinct - that was four years ago. In 2013, there have been over 50 billion App Store downloads and 48 billion Google Play Android downloads, according to experts.

Those numbers are expected to skyrocket over the next couple of years as more people switch to Smartphone. Mobile app technology is constantly evolving.  It is safe to say that mobile app technology is here to stay - at least for a while.

So, what’s next in mobile app technology? Here are the latest mobile app technology trends:

More Companies are Developing Their Own Apps for Employees

We’re finding that more companies are hiring developers to create their own apps for their employees exclusively. Many companies are still utilizing third-party apps for training, and other day-to-day tasks. Companies like NYC Web Designcan create apps designed specifically to meet a company’s needs and help improve productivity. Go here to learn more information about our mobile app development services.


The Google Glass App Store

According to Google, an app store will be launching in 2014 to the mainstream media for Google Glass. Rumor has it, the app store will be separate from the Google Play marketplace. Currently, Google Glass only has a handful of apps. That’s all about to change within the next few months. Many app developers and entrepreneurs are wondering if they will be able to start charging for apps in time for the stores launch, but Google is not revealing any information at the time.

Mobile Payment Apps (Mobile Wallets)

More companies will be launching their own mobile payment applications. Some experts believe that mobile payment applications will “take over the credit card system”.  Small business owners won’t have to worry about the expensive credit card processing fees that many merchant services charge.


Get Your Mobile App Built

If you want a mobile application developed for your business, contact us or call 718.984.0500. We specialize developing mobile apps for business software and solutions, mobile client software, productivity apps, utilities and solutions, and more.

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