What is the Difference between a Website Designer and a Web Programmer?

A lot of people confuse the differences between a web programmer and a website designer. So, what's the real difference?

A web designer handles the creative side of a website. For example, the graphic design and layout portion of a website is handled by a designer. Web designers focus on the visual appearance of a website. A skilled designer has a clear understanding of how to interpret their client’s vision into a well designed website. They also have an understanding of how to create a website that is marketable to their client's target audience.

In contrast, a web developer is in charge of the back-end of a website. Their ultimate focus is the overall construction of a website.  They make sure that a website operates in an efficient way. For example, let's say that you own an insurance company and you want a website built that will collect data and provide online quotes.

A web developer will program your website so that when a web user enters information, it instantly fulfills their expectation or generates the requested results. There is no point in having an attractive looking website if your users are not able to fulfill their expectations.

Advantages of hiring a Web Developer and Web Designer

Hiring a web design company that has an in-house web developer will greatly benefit your web design project. You'll not only have a captivating web design, you will have a website that functions well.

Remember, your future visitors and customers will expect you to have a website that's easy to navigate. If your website is difficult to maneuver and your design is off balance, they will take notice. Think about it, if your competitor’s website is well designed and programmed and yours is not, you will lose potential customers.

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