What Should a Website Contract Have?

When it comes to website design, all companies have a similar fate; you get what you pay for. One way to determine whether you’re dealing with the right web design company is by reviewing their website design contract.

The purpose of a website contract is obviously to protect yourself from being ripped off.  It also protects the web design company’s interests as well. Another reason why having a website contract is imperative is that it outlines everything that you want constructed on your website. It gives you a chance to make sure your website design expectations will be met.

Before signing any website design contract, here are a few things to look out for:

Check to see if the contract contains a project description.

The description should clearly describe the web design work that will be done by your web designer.  It should also include the amount of pages that will be built (i.e. Home, About Us, Services, Contact Us, etc.).  The description will clear up any misunderstandings before the project begins.

A proposal is not a contract.

Keep in mind, a web design proposal is not a contract. Often times, many web design companies will send a client a proposal and a client will immediately assume it is a binding contract. A web design proposal is basically a pitch to persuade a client into purchasing a product or service. Only a contract will protect you in the event you do not receive what you pay for.

Check to see if there is a cancellation policy.

Every web design company should have one. Sometimes, entrepreneurs are so enthralled about finally having their website built that they ignore the cancellation policy. Keep in mind, not every web design company has a flexible cancellation policy. So, it is important that you are aware of the company’s cancellation policy before signing the dotted line.

Check the payment terms.

The payment terms of a web design project should be outlined within the contract. This protects both parties involved in a project. For example, if the web design company pulls out of a project or the client pulls out without making final payments, the contract will protect both parties.

Signatures make a contract legal.

The majority of web design projects begin online via email. Sometimes, a client will pay for services without even signing a contract. It is important to note that a contract is only legal when 'both' parties actually sign the contract.

Hopefully, the above tips will help when reviewing your next website design contract.

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