What Should You Build First a Responsive Website or a Mobile App

Many entrepreneurs wonder if it’s better to build a responsive website or a mobile app first. Today, in the world of immediate communication, consumers utilize handheld devices to play games, read the news, organize the day-to-day activities, and make purchases on the Internet. To create a responsive website or mobile app which is appropriate for your business type means reaching prospective customers faster, without regard to physical location. 

You can choose between responsive site and mobile app, or even utilize both of them. Here are some points to consider: 

  • In business, it’s always about the bottom line. In regards to cost, you reach about 5 times as many men and women per dollar spent with a responsive website as you do with a mobile app.
  • As for the initial development, the cost of responsive website design can be pricey is you’re constructing a sophisticated website with cutting-edge functionality; mobile app costs can be economical if you don’t use cutting-edge functionality. In general, mobile apps can be more costly than responsive websites to construct.
  • The main reason for the difference in costs is that one application may not work for every platform. Separate apps need to be developed for Android, Windows, Kindle, iPhone, iPad and various mobile platforms. Basically, you can only reach mobile operating system users for which you have developed an application. 

The advantage of a responsive website is that it is necessary for your business. You need to provide a website which operates suitably on screens of every size, which continues to emphasize your most vital calls to action that can make your website a lucrative marketing tool instead of a mere online business card.

Whether you need a mobile app developed or responsive website design, our New York web developers and mobile app developers will enhance your web presence. For a quote and consultation, contact us or call 718.984.0500.

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