What to Know Before Launching an E-Commerce Website

After all these years, there are still a few people out there that believe if they build an e-Commerce website, people will automatically come and buy their products. In reality, online shoppers are savvier than ever. When they shop online, they want their shopping experience to be as easy as possible. The key to getting your customers to buy is to provide them with a quality product and a smooth online shopping experience. Here are a few things to remember before launching your e-Commerce website.

Use Quality Photos

Often times, many store owners become so anxious about launching their products online that they will post any product photo. If your product photos are over pixilated and lack dimension, this will turn off your customers. You have to put your best product photos forward. This is your only opportunity to impress your potential customers.

Make your product descriptions pop!

If you want to increase your chances of gaining a sale, your product descriptions must be well-written. Your product descriptions should highlight the features and benefits of your merchandise.

Amateur website design

Don't be fooled, your web visitors can tell the difference from a poorly built e-Commerce website from a professional website. Consider investing in a custom designed website – it is worth the investment.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing your product descriptions will not only cause your website to get banned from the search engines, it will confuse your customers. Your keywords should blend in smoothly within your text and your keyword density should be no more than 3 percent.

Keep your blog up-to-date.

Having a blog with updated content will not only keep your customers coming back, it can also help with your rankings. Your blog should be updated regularly. If you haven't updated your blog in eight months, you’re better off not having a blog. Customers like to see updated information. If keeping up with a blog is too time-consuming, consider hiring a professional to maintain your blog for you.

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